With the power of mobile web, consumers now have real-time access to product reviews and price comparisons as they shop, which empowers customers to spend money with confidence. However, when it comes to shopping for the right mortgage, home buyers spend more time looking for a TV, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

And searching for the right mortgage product and company to fit your needs require much more information and expertise than what Google can provide. Homebuyers can spend months (or even years) researching various housing markets before ultimately finding their dream home, and that’s only one half of this multifaceted transaction. Even after leveraging the expertise of a real estate agent to find that perfect home, how will you pay for that perfect home?

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The lending marketplace is every bit as complex as the housing market, and the terms of your loan shape your financial future for decades to come. This is why shopping for the right mortgage loan officer is critical, so we’ve put together an infographic to help in selecting the right partner for you.

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