Does your loan officer ask a variety of questions after requesting a never ending list of personal documentation? Your initial thought might be, “That’s none of your business!” Then you consider the fact you are asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars to be wired on your behalf in approximately 30-45 days, all with the intention of taking 30 years to pay the money back.

But then you consider the interest you will incur during those 30 years and think, “Maybe I’m actually benefitting them more than they are me. Maybe I should be the one asking questions!” After the Ping-Pong match of thoughts in your head has rested, the conclusion is simple: you want a house. The nosey loan officer has the tools to guide you and help you achieve what you want.

Bump, set, spike; your loan officer is now your closest confidant. But does your loan officer know not only what to do and how to do it, but more importantly, why? While this might not be the most vital question to ask, it could be the very question that determines your home loan experience.

Before I continue any further, you must be wondering who I am and how I could have the audacity to assume what you think.

Aimee is my name and I am a licensed loan officer and one of those annoyingly over-the-top, wanna-be know-it-alls. I would like to think numbers are my sidekick, but truthfully, they tend to take the lead more often than not.

My desire is to know the whys, in order to create a comfortable environment for my borrowers. All of a sudden, the various questions and infinite requests for documentation are presented with the reasons why. Depending on your stage of life at this exact moment, you could be bored by this discussion, or due to a prior experience, even scared of this topic. Keep in mind, whether today or someday, you can go through the roller coaster that is a mortgage application, without fear of feeling as if you are, as some say, signing your life away.

If you are even the slightest bit intrigued (even if you aren’t…a little non-political reading may be refreshing), stay tuned for a three-part series, each confronting general loan application inquiries and the whys behind them. And while you may not always agree with the reasoning, just remember: you want a house and I just might be the nosey loan officer who has the tools to help you achieve that dream.



Aimee Rohr (NMLS #1466423) is a licensed Loan Officer at Castle & Cooke Mortgage’s Lancaster Branch (Branch NMLS # 262012), located at 1206 W. Avenue J, Ste 220, Lancaster, CA 93534. She can be reached at 661-902-6003 or


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