Our mission

To help our customers, employees, and partners build strong, successful tomorrows through honest, refreshingly uncomplicated experiences.

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Our story

The name Castle & Cooke has a long and storied history, one Castle & Cooke Mortgage is proud to have been a part of since 2004. In 2018, we decided it was time to start writing our own story, and we’re really proud of the tale so far.

We’ve helped a lot of families (like a lot, a lot) realize the dream of homeownership. We’ve become part of the communities in which we live and serve and hopefully, we’ve made a difference in peoples’ lives along the way. We’re not close to done though. There’s more to do, more story to write, and so many other stories to become a part of.

What matters to us

Fulfilling dreams

There’s nothing quite like seeing the joy that comes from helping a person get what they’ve always wanted, and we absolutely love that feeling. We know reaching goals and fulfilling dreams is hard work—really hard work—but it’s worth it. We see you, we see where you want to go, and we believe you can get there.

Exploring possibilities

These are scary times, and it’s easy to get caught up in doubt and limitations. That’s not us. We believe in forging new paths, going all in, and investigating every nook and cranny for the answers we seek. There is a way, and we’ll find it together.

Communicating, constantly

We know from experience that the best way to get aligned is to get talking. We value the human touch and person-to-person connections, and we’re committed to having the conversations (and chats, and emails, and text messages) that matter.

Doing things differently

We believe in improving constantly and embracing growth—at work and after work, too. We’ll find the best ways of doing things, not the most common, and we aren’t afraid to change course when we come across new ideas and opportunities.

Earning trust

We don’t expect anyone to believe in us based on the letters after our names or where we went to school. Instead, we earn trust based on what we do, what we say, and how we say it. We will show up for you, your family, and your future. And we’ll prove it to you.

Embracing fun

Hard work is really important, but is it more important than welcoming the journey and having a great time along the way? We absolutely embrace tenacity and vision, but there’s no need to be serious all the time. We leave lots of space for light and laughter—and we think you should, too.

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It was definitely the right decision

I did extensive research before selecting Castle & Cooke Mortgage for my refi. It was definitely the right decision. I got a very good rate and low cost to me based on my research. My Loan Officer was a pleasure to work with as was everyone else I dealt with throughout the process. It was fast and painless, I couldn’t be more pleased.

— Margo L.
Couldn't have asked for better!

Never a question unanswered. No part of the loan process was made unclear. Smooth loan process. Couldn't have asked for better! Thank you!

— Marlin R.
Very reliable. I will recommend to all I know

Very friendly and very knowledgeable. My Loan Officer kept in contact very well and answered all my questions. Very reliable. I will recommend to all I know who are looking for a loan or refi. Just outstanding!

— Donald C.