Grow Your Business with the Company That Invests in your Success

What’s lacking in your career? It’s not talent, passion, or drive. You’ve got those covered.

But is your current company giving you the chance to grow your business to new heights, training to keep your skills sharp, and the support you need to delight your customers?

That’s what you’ll find at Castle & Cooke Mortgage.

More Clients and Fewer Hassels

You're Entering the Goldilocks Zone
We’re just the right size and shape, big enough to give you the support you need, but small enough that you won’t be directly competing with coworkers. And our flat management structure means there is less red tape and bureaucracy to deal with.

Keep Your Customers Happy

Refreshingly uncomplicated experiences is what we're all about
Our operational efficiency allows us to close loans in 24 hours and our underwriting one-touch percentage is 42%. We give your clients stellar service, and you get the credit.

Investing In You

Our strength is in our people
Our strength is in our people, and we measure our success by their success. That’s why our employee tenure is 66% higher than the industry average, and our Glassdoor rating is a 4.6

Best-in-Class Marketing

Captivate. Cultivate. Connect
You know the best way to communicate with your potential clients. So our full-service marketing team is at your disposal to design and produce content that speaks directly to your customers.

The Summit Club

summit club logo

Each year the top 20 producers at Castle & Cooke Mortgage are recognized for their success, hard work and contributions to the company. These individuals enjoy a well-deserved luxury vacation, receiving a trophy at an awards banquet in their honor where they are welcomed into the exclusive President’s Club. The year’s top-performing branch, Branch Manager and select corporate employees are also recognized.

"I’ve been in this industry a long time—but I’ve never been more excited by what a company is able to provide its Loan Officers. With a size and structure that’s just right, Castle & Cooke Mortgage can offer what most other mortgage companies can’t: the tools and support you need to be as successful as you want to be, wherever you are, without any red tape. Combined with a truly inspiring purpose, Castle & Cooke Mortgage provides you the perfect foundation to reach your highest potential."
Jim Modrycki photo
Jim Modrycki
SVP Sales