About Castle & Cooke

The name Castle & Cooke has a long and storied history, one Castle & Cooke Mortgage is proud to have been a part of since we started in 2004. Then in 2018, we decided it was time to start writing our own story and we’re really proud of the tale so far.

We wanted to help families, strengthen communities and improve the lives of the people who work here. We wanted to turn the mortgage industry on its head, do things a little differently and a lot better. We put customer experience right where it belongs: at the center of everything we do and what we do, we do with passion, integrity, a lot of hard work, and—of course—a little fun.

So far, we’ve helped a lot of families (like a lot, a lot) realize the dream of homeownership; we’ve become part of the communities in which we live and serve and hopefully made a difference in peoples’ lives along the way. We’re not close to done though. There’s more to do, more story to write and so many other stories to become a part of.

Our Mission

To help our customers, employees, partners, and neighbors build strong, stable, successful futures by providing them with honest, transparent, and refreshingly uncomplicated experiences.

Culture and People


A company’s vision and mission are critical for an organization to look to as they grow. Goals and strategies evolve but are always based on that North Star, those principles we check ourselves against daily to ensure we are all aligned in purpose.

That purpose—for us—is people and creating positive, impactful experiences that help them reach their goals. We’re excited about the future and committed to the success of our people, our customers, and our communities.

Stability & Right Size

Goldilocks found the perfect balance—and so have we. We’re not too big, but we equip our people with the tools and support they need. We’re not too small either—just small enough to keep our structure flat and red tape out of the way. Put the two together, and you get a company that’s just right.

Summit Club

Our people love what they do and it shows in their hard work. We appreciate that kind of outstanding performance and think it deserves to be celebrated and rewarded. The Castle & Cooke Mortgage Summit Club recognizes our highest achieving originators, branches, and support staff and rewards them with an unforgettable trip to a fabulous destination. The Summit Club is more than just a vacation though. It’s an important part of our company culture—bringing a sense of fun, adventure, and competition while inspiring us all to reach our highest potential.

summit club logo



With licenses in 37 states and growing, we offer opportunities all over the country. We know there’s plenty of business out there but saturating our markets with branches and loan officers isn’t something we do. Rivalries should be reserved for the competition, not your teammates.

Process & One Touch

Our underwriters work super hard and are the very best at what they do. From turning out files in under 24 hours (nearly half of which are clear-to-close the first time) to always being available to talk directly to loan officers, they’re crushing it every day! But they couldn’t do that without our incredible processors. Castle & Cooke Mortgage processors are trained to some seriously tough standards—you can basically think of them as junior underwriters. Plus, we have a tried-and-true system that sets loan files up for approval in record time.

Marketing Assistants

Many companies offer terrific marketing resources, but none provide what Castle & Cooke Mortgage offers in our LOMA program. Our Loan Officer Marketing Assistants are marketing pros—based in the Home Office—who act as a personal liaison within the Marketing Team to help facilitate custom requests, add contacts to the CRM, assign them to campaigns, and create content like flyers, listing websites, landing pages, presentations, and more.

Home Office

Part of being a great place to work is creating opportunities for employees to grow, develop, and build a career at our company. We invest in tools and resources to help employees manage their careers with us.

Room for Growth

Our learning and development resources, mentorship programs and ongoing career development support allow you to grow and build capabilities for today, while preparing for the future.

Career Options

As a full-service lender, we keep everything in house. From the seemingly obvious positions like processing, underwriting, and accounting to the maybe less obvious like servicing, marketing, and information technology.


We care about our people and want to help them reach their potential. That’s why we have an internal professional development program designed to help each and every team member continually grow in their specialty. But more than that, we also provide a variety of training opportunities to learn about other positions in the industry.


Marketing Technology

Castle & Cooke Mortgage rocks a mean marketing toolbox: a custom web page, a mobile app, a powerhouse CRM, and a next-gen automated marketing platform. A trove of savvy smart-tools that can be tailored and tweaked to meet your messaging needs, develop and support referral partners, and help retain your past clientele.

State of The Art LOS

As the hub of all origination activity, a company’s Loan Origination Software (LOS) is a vital tool. We spent over a year researching and comparing the top LOS options available and Empower by Black Knight was the clear champion. Cloud-based with a clean and simple user interface, Empower allows busy originators to access their loans from anywhere, even on their phone.

Cloud Based Software

A cloud-based suite of tools frees always-on-the-go producers and ever-ready-to-help support staff from the limitations of being tied to an office. Work from anywhere, even your phone. Reply to an email from the beach, join a sales call from a kid’s ball game, or instant message your processor from your Realtor lunch meeting. Don’t be limited to your office: Take your show on the road!


Dr, Suess said, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” We think so too which is why we have a pretty impressive tuition assistance program for eligible employees who are looking to pursue higher education. Because knowledge is a gift that keeps on giving and a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. 

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but not all on its own. At this point, it’s pretty common knowledge that maintaining an active lifestyle and excercising regularly gives you more energy, relieves stress, and sharpens the mind. You have a life and a family outside of work and you deserve every opportunity to enjoy them both. 

A Health Savings Account is a versatile option for families. Unlike cafeteria plans, the money is yours forever, rolls over annually, and can be taken out anytime for eligible expenses. But best of all, Castle & Cooke Mortgage will add a nice lump sum a couple of times a year to help out. 

Give a little get a little. At Castle & Cooke Mortgage we want to set you up for a lifetime of success and one way we do that is by matching a portion of your regular 401k contributions. 

It’s pretty standard for companies to offer medical, dental, and vision benefits these days, but we like to think that ours are pretty impressive with premiums and deductibles that would make your doctor blush.