Ric Luis Araujo

Branch Manager|NMLS ID#: 1383267

State License:HI# HI-1383267

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Owning a house represents a very important move in our lives. It can be the result of many things within a stage in life, and for this reason, it needs to be properly handled to ensure an outstanding outcome. Fortunately, there are existing services available to everybody. The services offered are composed of experienced professionals teamed up in ways to ensure the accuracy and success of this process.

Ric, as a Loan Officer and Branch Manager, is committed to providing outstanding results for his clients by being the utmost professional focused on your desired results. Together with Castle & Cooke, Ric has the power of experience, knowledge, and technology behind him.

Ric has worked in multiple industries throughout the country. They have all been different versions of sales and customer service, allowing him to serve people and the community. This is not just a job for Ric, serving people is a passion.

Acquiring a Mortgage is one of the most impactful events in people’s life. It can determine a lifestyle and build wealth for the future. That is why Ric is committed to ensuring the delivery of comprehensive and critical information allowing his clients to make the right decision for themselves. Ric also advocates and negotiates with and on behalf of his clients to ensure they achieve success in the financing of their homes.

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