Direct mortgage lender thriving under new leadership

Castle & Cooke Mortgage, LLC (NMLS #1251), a national mortgage lender based in Salt Lake City, Utah, has undergone tremendous transformation in the short span of two and a half years. After facing challenges with the CFPB in 2013, the company experienced a significant shift in its culture and leadership, starting at the top with an overhaul of its executive team. While some companies are unable to recover from such adversity, Castle & Cooke Mortgage has not only survived, it is thriving like never before.

Joining the company as Chief Risk Officer in 2013, Adam Thorpe drove the resolution of the compliance-based challenges facing the company and he led the restructuring of the company’s compliance management system.  Assuming the role of President and Chief Operating Officer in 2014, Adam refocused his efforts on restructuring the operational side of the business.  With a relentless focus on excellence, the Company developed a platform of total support for its loan originators.  Key components of this initiative included an unwavering commitment to compliance and ensuring that staff at every level possessed unparalleled skills and expertise to support the company’s sales professionals.

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Castle & Cooke Mortgage Corporate Staff

The mantra of outstanding support and exceptional customer service is embedded in the culture at Castle & Cooke Mortgage, extending beyond the borrower experience to include employees and their referral sources. Not only do loan originators have the total support of the executive team, they are also given a full suite of tools and resources to help them grow their business. The company originates loans direct to Agency and Government guidelines without burdensome overlays, while strictly adhering to 24-hour underwriting turn times.  Employees in the field also have the support of a dedicated marketing team, with the ability to personalize materials and co-brand with Realtors. Marketing support also includes a company paid CRM, mobile applications and various other lead generation tools.  Loan originators also have access to company paid assistants and are encouraged to drive production gains through the development of personal teams.

This collection of tools and resources, along with a commitment to comprehensive support, is affecting real change as the company experienced record production in March. And while any sort of leadership turnover or cultural shift presents its own unique set of trials that some companies struggle to overcome, producers at Castle & Cooke Mortgage are consistently increasing their own production levels. The results of the tremendous support provided at Castle & Cooke Mortgage truly speak for themselves.

Recently, as part of its President’s Club program, the company treated its top 20 producers to a luxury award trip to Hawaii. Benefiting from the company’s platform of total support, these loan originators saw significant increases in their production volumes over 2014 at an average of nearly 60%, with the top producer increasing his own year-over-year volume by over $23 million. As a company, Castle & Cooke Mortgage increased its production volume in 2015 by more than 25% and total revenue by 34.5%. As the company heads into the busy spring home buying season, it is poised to surpass these levels for 2016, further demonstrating its resilience and the power of its culture of support.

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About Castle & Cooke Mortgage
Castle & Cooke Mortgage (NMLS #1251), one of the nation’s leading independent mortgage lenders with 38 locations across the United States and more than 300 employees, is founded on three core values — integrity, honesty and transparency. Headquartered in Salt Lake City and backed by the financial strength of its more than 160-year-old sister company Castle & Cooke, Inc., the company is renowned for its smooth and efficient origination process, the unparalleled support provided to its sales force, and the quality customer service given to borrowers. According to Mortgage Executive Magazine, the 10-year-old company is already among the top 100 mortgage lenders in the nation. Castle & Cooke Mortgage can be found online at, on Twitter at @CastleandCooke, and on Facebook at Castle & Cooke Mortgage is an Equal Housing Lender.