Do you ever get the feeling your house is haunted? Maybe it’s flickering lights or leaky faucets. Maybe it’s creaking floorboards or unexplained drafts. Or maybe it’s the feeling of chills you get every time you visit your basement.

So how do you know if you have a resident ghost, or just a low tolerance for home improvement projects?

In our expert ghost-busting opinions, here are a few sure-fire ways to know if your house is haunted:

  1. Flickering Lights – It’s definitely a ghost if it’s accompanied by switches moving up and down on their own and wailing and moaning noises. In any other scenario, you should probably just call an electrician.
  2. Leaky Faucets – It’s definitely a ghost if the leaky faucet is oozing blood and/or green slime. In any other scenario, you should probably just call a plumber.
  3. Creaking Floorboards – It’s definitely a ghost if you shine a black light on your floorboards and see footprints actively walking around your house. In any other scenario, your foundation is likely shifting and you should probably just call a professional.
  4. Unexplained drafts – It’s definitely a ghost if your lips turn blue, your breath crystalizes and icicles form on your nose hairs, despite the fact that the thermostat is set at 76 degrees. In any other scenario, you should probably just call an HVAC specialist.
  5. Basement-induced chills – It’s definitely a ghost if you walk downstairs and see a creepy child-size chair rocking back and forth while an off-key lullaby mysteriously plays in the background. In any other scenario, you should remember that it’s a basement and basements are creepy.

Hopefully, this information will help you distinguish between the hauntings of the dearly departed and the hauntings of a house in need of repairs.

Either way, it’s probably time to move.

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