We understand that for most people, buying a home is a stressful experience that you want to complete as quickly as possible. After all, with so many other concerns that go into a home purchase (such as moving one’s actual belongings into the new home), it’s nice when the process of working with mortgage companies can be handled very swiftly.

At Castle & Cooke Mortgage, we are pleased to be able to offer our clients the option to securely complete a mortgage application online. Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can complete your application for a loan in a mere 20 minutes.

When filing online, be sure to have the proper documents on hand. While it is certainly easier than arriving at a lender’s office and discovering you do not have all the necessary documentation, it further speeds up the process if you already have the proper information ready by your computer when you begin the application process.

While federal law does not allow mortgage companies to close a loan until a week after the application was submitted, having the option to file an application online can certainly help one finish the initial stages of this process much more easily. And the sooner those initial steps are completed, the sooner you can move into your dream house.