They say a picture is worth a thousand words – but when it comes to selling a home, the right picture could be worth much more. According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) 2015 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 92% of prospective homebuyers use the Internet to look for new homes, with 42% beginning their home search online. The same study found that 87% of homebuyers rated photos as very useful in their online home search – even surpassing detailed property information (84%).

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Professional photographers understand how to use lighting and angles to their advantage.

It is no secret that buyers value the ability to view images and video of a property before deciding if it is worth visiting in person, and technology has made it much easier to do so. It has also enabled buyers who are out of state to narrow their home search and even, in some cases, to make a decision if they are unable to physically visit the property before moving.

Technology has also made it cheaper and easier to take photographs and publish them online. However, just because it is possible to take, edit and upload a photo from a smart phone does not make it ideal. Anyone can do that. It is the quality of the photos that can help differentiate a real estate agent’s listing.

drone house

Photographers may have unique tools like drones that can help a listing stand out from the crowd.

Professional photographers should have the equipment – like cameras, lenses, light kits, etc. – needed to provide sharp, high resolution images of a property. They may also have unique accessories or tools, like drones or video equipment that can help a listing stand out from the crowd. But it takes more than nice equipment to take a great picture. Professional photographers also understand how to use lighting and angles to their advantage. And those who specialize in real estate photography know how to use their skills and equipment to show off the best features of a home in the best way possible.

While hiring a professional real estate photographer comes at a price, real estate agents might consider it an investment. One doesn’t have to search long to find testimonials from agents who report selling homes faster or for a greater price per square foot as a result of hiring a professional real estate photographer. Investing in high quality photography not only has the potential to impact how fast, and for how much, a home sells, but also demonstrates the level of service an agent provides to his or her clients – which could prove beneficial for securing referrals and other future business.

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